Aluminum Composite

ENVOHYGE VENTURES LIMITED offers a wide variety of Aluminum Composite Panel with more than 30 standard colors to choose from. Our installation team will meet your unique requirement. 

Aluminum Composite Panel is composed of a polyethylene core sandwiched between two sheets of aluminum. the surface of the panel is covered with a protective peel-off-foil.
Outdoor aluminum plastic composite panel is coated with fluorocarbon(PVDF) on the surface, while indoor aluminum composite panel is coated with polyester.

Stainless Steel Series

ENVOHYGE introduces the new technology composite panels in genuine Stainless Steel finishes of brushed (Butler) and high mirror finishes. The natural beauty, flatness and rigidity of stainless steel is now combined with the lightweight, flexible and ease of fabrication of composites making Stainless Steel Composites an architects' dream.

Aluminum Composite Panel Characteristics

    1. Light weight, the intensity is high, easy to maintain, cut bend, arch and install. The panel average weight is 3.5 - 5.5 kg/sqm
    2. Extremely good for the weathering resistance, acidity, alkaline resistance, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and damping.
    3. The surface is dust proof treated, smooth and flat and easy to maintain., just use neutral cleaner and water can totally renew the panel.
    4. The aluminum surface is tough, the core PE panel is flexible, therefore the panel has high impact resistance.
    5. Fireproof and noise absorptive. The PE core absorbs noise and the aluminum resists fire.


Standard Sizes Thickness Non Standard Sizes Color
2400 x 1250 mm
3000 x 1250 mm
3600 x 1250 mm 
4200 x 1250 mm

For interior use:
Thickness: 3mm;
Aluminum: 0.3 mm

For exterior use:
Thickness: 4mm;
Aluminum: 0.4 and 0.5 mm

Available upon request There are more than 30 different colors to choose from and also we can match your color requirement..